Deanie's Beanies

Deanie's Beanies started out as a boredom buster hobby, when I was pregnant with my second child.
Deanie - being my childhood nickname, seemed like a cute name to start with, since my products were infant, toddler, and child focused, thus... Deanie's Beanies was born!
What started out as photo props for new born photoshoots, has evolved to so much more?
I take so much pride in every little detail of my products, and everything is handmade by me, Nadine. I source out the best quality fibers and fluffiest of faux furs, and brand each piece with quality, unique labels, made by other boss babe makers.
I am passionate about expressing myself in my work, aspiring to stand out and provide a product that holds a little piece of me in every piece.

Meet the Maker

Oh hey! My name is Nadine. Wife, mom of 3, lover of the outdoors, the mountains, gardening, and of coarse plant life.
I learned how to knit at 8 years old, but having been taught by my left handed mom, I didn't get much further than knitting garter stitch.
I picked it back up again in my late 20's, and sought the help of YouTube to get the craft down. Since then, I literally haven't stopped. This is a side hustle that I take great pride in, and I hope it shows in my work.
Thank you so much for stopping by, and supporting my passion.